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  • Mofaz interested in Proton?

    The Edge Weekly reports that the latest company to express interest in buying Proton shares is the Mofaz Group, a company that sells imported cars in Malaysia. In other news, investors are still skeptical about […]


  • CKD Swift and two new models for 2007

    Suzuki Malaysia Automobile Sdn Bhd intends to go forward with it’s Suzuki Swift local CKD assembly plans, expected to begin in Quarter 1 2007. Also in store for the local car market in 2007 is […]


  • New Audi CBU Pricelist, 2nd revision

    Euromobil Sdn Bhd has revised the pricelist for Audi cars in Malaysia once again. After the NAP was announced earlier this year, prices for Audi cars generally went up, as listed in my previous post. […]


  • Naza Suria – locally assembled Kia Picanto

    Naza has unveiled a new minicar, the Naza Suria, which appears to be a locally assembled rebadged Kia Picanto. At a glance from the image of the Suria appearing in the local dailies, the new […]


  • CKD Hyundai SUVs soon

    Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors Sdn Bhd plans to start CKD assembly of Hyundai SUVs by mid-2007, in efforts to capture a bigger share of the non-national car market. Hyundai’s Malaysian SUV offerings currently consist of the […]


  • MINI SPEEDMINIA Drive Day 2006

    BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd had recently organised the MINI SPEEDMINIA Drive Day 2006 for MINI owners, which let the users experience a day of activities and festivities at the Sepang International Circuit. 50 MINI owners, […]


  • Projek KARS

    Projek KARS

    Projek KARS is a project by LS Associates (SEA) Sdn Bhd, a 31-acre area which introduces a convergence concept in car trading here. The project, which costs RM5 million, provides a single place for car […]


  • New variable intake geometry system for Campro

    EP Manufacturing Bhd (EPMB) will be supplying a new Intake Air-Fuel Module to Proton for use with it’s Campro range of engines, together with it’s technology partner Bosch. Currently, Proton’s Campro engine uses an aluminum […]