• Honda FCX Video

    Here is a video that Honda made to showcase it’s Honda FCX Concept. To keep things short, the Honda FCX is basically a 4-seater car running on an AC Synchronous Motor putting out 129 PS […]


  • Honda’s i-VTEC I Engine: Direct Injection

    An engine that has surfaced and pretty much faded in a short time is Honda’s i-VTEC I Engine, a variant of the K-series DOHC engine family featuring gasoline direct injection. It made it’s debut in […]


  • Subaru Impreza Version 10 Promo Video

    Here is a promotional video released by Subaru for the upcoming 2008 Subaru Impreza Version 10. It’s pretty slow paced, probably their aim was letting you see how the car looks like in motion rather […]


  • Jeremy Clarkson destroys a Lada

    This is a video for the MPs of our government, Jeremy Clarkson destroying something else other than the Perodua Kelisa. Of course, it’s not exactly a fair comparison has the Perodua Kelisa, as much of […]


  • BMW M3 GTR: first V8-powered M3

    Like most of you already know, the new E92 BMW M3 was not the first BMW M3 powered by a V8 engine, but it is actually the first mass-produced M3 with a V8 engine. A […]


  • New E92 BMW M3 Videos

    Some really lovely videos of the new E92 BMW M3. Might change the minds of those who don’t quite fancy it. Bask in the sound of the new high revving V8 after the jump.


  • Ferrari Enzo Crash

    Ferrari Enzo Crash

    Here’s a video of American actor/comedian Eddie Griffin crashing his Ferrari Enzo. Do you feel the pain? Video after the jump!


  • Fifth Gear McLaren F1 vs Enzo Ferrari

    Tiff Needell of Fifth Gear puts two supercar engineering marvels to the test – while they’re amazing on the track, how does it perform on real roads? What about maintenance costs? Let’s find out what […]



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