• Volkswagen DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox)

    Volkswagen’s Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) is the world’s first dual-clutch automated manual gearbox in a production car. This provides the driver the ease-of-drive of a car equipped with an automatic transmission, but the efficiency and […]


  • Volkswagen Polo Built to Protect Advertisement

    Volkswagen Polo Built to Protect Advertisement

    This is Volkswagen’s advertisement for the Volkswagen Polo in the UK produced by DDB London. It was created based on the slogan for the Volkswagen Polo – “Built to Protect”. Lots of guardian angels. Video […]


  • Renault F1 Engine Test

    Renault F1 Engine Test

    I bet you didn’t know the Renault Formula 1 car’s engine has a fuel consumption of 70 litres per 100km. I don’t think this is the latest V8 engine, as the video’s dated back to […]


  • Sega Rally Drift Mad

    Sega Rally Drift Mad

    This advertisement for the game Sega Rally shows you an over the top look on just how wide-spread the ‘drift’ phenomenon is. The only way to go is sideways! Video is after the jump.


  • Dub Pimp Star Bling Bling Wheels

    These wheels bring bling bling to a whole new level. Pimp Star wheels allow you to define a graphic image to display on your spinning wheels while your vehicle is moving. With the package comes […]


  • Monster Garage 1951 Volkswagen Beetle

    This is crazy. Monster Garage takes a 1951 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop and dumps in a crazy engine into it, lowers it and preps it for drag racing. The engine is a 2276cc block with 82mm […]