• detroit-electric-pc-large

    Detroit Electric to sell electric Persona and GEN2

    Detroit Electric and Proton Holdings Berhad signed an agreement today for a supply and manufacturing agreement related to Detroit Electric’s upcoming range of electric vehicles. Detroit Electric is manned by ex-Lotus Engineering CEO Albert Lam […]


  • 2009 HEICO Sportiv Volvo XC60 (with video!)

    Heico Sportiv displayed this kitted up Volvo XC60 at the Essen Motor Show last year, and it’s the world’s first complete tuning program for Volvo’s baby XC90. Other than aesthetic enhancements which include either a […]


  • VIRAL: MINI Clubman – have you seen that?

    BMW’s MINI in their usual quirky spirit have released a new viral video related to the MINI Clubman. There are alot of interesting “stunts” in the video, which shows two dudes cruising on the Autobahn […]


  • The Terrafugia Transition: a car that can fly?

    Ask alot of adults past middle age what they thought the current millenium would be like and I’m sure some of them would have expected flying cars. That’s not happened yet, we haven’t even gotten […]


  • f01-7-series-white

    BMW and Vogue team up for F01 BMW 7-Series

    BMW collaborated with Vogue magazine to create a new special edition BMW 7-Series Individual. It was a project between BMW design chief Adrian van Hooydonk and Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani.


  • 5seriesgtpreview1

    Production BMW 5-Series GT previewed in video!

    It started off as what seemed to be a fairly usual video that BMW would make about its concept cars. It revolves around an interview with the 5-Series GT’s project leader, Hans-Jurgen Branz. But there […]


  • newz4pic

    New footage of the 2010 BMW Z4 released!

    BMW has released some new footage of the new BMW Z4, adding to the 5 videos that were released during the E89 Z4’s launch. This new one features lots of engine and exhaust sound bytes, […]


  • kia-soul-hamster

    VIDEO: Kia Soul – a new way to roll!

    The Kia Soul is aimed squarely at this new segment which seems to be gaining alot of popularity now, I won’t say in terms of sales as I’m not quite sure myself, but the carmakers […]


  • bmw-z4-e89

    BMW Z4 wins a Red Dot award for 2009

    Red Dot has released its 2009 design awards winners list, and BMW has quickly released a video in commemoration of the new Z4 winning a Red Dot design award. A few other BMWs received the […]