To create your own pretty charts, simply follow these quick instructions:

1) Download your CSV file from Google (its above every report you can make) I recommend taking the “All Time” report because if gives a larger sample size.

2) Open Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application. These instructions are really for Excel, but most spreadsheet packages are similar.

3) Open the CSV file in Excel, youll have a table of figures.

4) Delete only the column heading marked “Date” (for some reason this messes charts up) (dont delete the entire column or you cant tell what youve done over time!)

5) Delete the rows at the bottom of your sheet that indicate Totals. (otherwise you have a spike at the end of your graph which makes everything else hard to interpret)

6) Highlight column A (should be date) and highlight column B (most likely to be Page impressions) and go to Insert > Chart. Go through the wizard (its really simple) looking at the lovely charts you can make. Settle on the first bog standard line graph. Next, Next, Next, until you hit the part that asks where you want to create it (in the current worksheet- no, or in a new worksheet- yes!) Click Finish and bang! Instant charts.

7) Now repeat for A+C, A+D, A+E and A+F.

8) Save to disk, then print. Analyse, marvel and plot for world domination.

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