Jeff Ooi blogs Proton CEO Tengku Mahaleel’s criticisms and opinions on the national autombile industry as he was interviewed by Oriental Daily News today.

An interesting read. He bashes other national car makers like Inokom and Naza not helping the economy by not having any exports, thus only causing money to flow out of the country and not bringing any in and even suggests that the government should revoke their licenses for not complying with conditions to export vehicles.

Something interesting…

He says Malaysia is now moving towards an “automobile assembly” direction, which differs entirely from automobile manufacturing.

“Automobile assembly means you just need screw drivers, you don’t need die and mould and engine factory,” he says.

“If the government only needs the automobile assemblers, we can then grab a Mitsubishi car, fix it with a Proton emblem and say: ‘Nah, this a Proton car’,” says Tengku Mahaleel.

Okay, I don’t blame Proton for still slapping Proton badges on the Perdana, Iswara and Satria because they do not have replacements yet. But isn’t that what Proton is doing with the Wira is now? The Gen2 was supposed to be the Wira Replacement Model but instead it was slotted between the Wira and the Waja.