The comments on my blog are becoming too much of a sore to the eyes for me not to do anything about it anymore.

I am sick and tired of watching people engage in mindless cheap shots at each other just because they disagree with the other’s opinion.

Opinions are opinions and everyone is allowed to have one. I’ve pleaded many times for my readers to argue constructively, and when needed to, agree to disagree.

I didn’t want to do this but now I am forced to. From now on, each and every comment will have to be approved by me first, until I change my mind. Maybe until things cool down. Personal attacks and anything else unrelated to the blog’s topic will not be accepted.

Update: As per a reader’s suggestion, I’m going to try to force registration and login to comment instead of moderating everything outright. Please please PLEASE do not abuse the discussion function of my blog. I have a life, and I don’t want to spend my whole day moderating your comments to keep this place a pleasant read for everyone else. If you want to pick fights or be obnoxious, go to a bar, get drunk and punch the ugliest person you see.

Register here for commenting.