The datacenter which hosts my web server (TMNet Netmyne) has been having problems serving Streamyx users since midnight last night. Apologies to Streamyx users who are finding it hard to access this page, as evident from today’s visitor statistics.

How ironic that a TMNet datacenter has connectivity problems with their own ASDL customers (TMNet Streamyx). I have to resort to posting this announcement from Maxis GPRS.

UPDATE: At first I was using Maxis GPRS as an alternative to reach my server, but it seems right now Streamyx itself is down in the area I live, Cheras. I have a few posts lined up, but since I do not have an unlimited GPRS package it would cost me a bomb to upload the photos associated with the posts. So let me apologise first for the short hiatus on updates while I wait for TMNet to get their sorry act together.

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