This is unrelated to cars, but is important for the future of any online media here in Malaysia, such as this site you are reading now. The government is going to study if the 1984 Printing Presses and Publications Act should be amended to include electronic and Internet media. These new forms of media were not around when the act was formulated, and some have accused it of having double standards, or outdated. The act also requires media to obtain a license that must be renewed annually.

Although the act being studied does not mean it is going to be change, this brings the freedom of the internet as a medium here in Malaysia under threat. Think not just of the potential of censoring online media as how the press has been censored, but think of potential discouragement for foreign investments here.

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If you want to comment, do talk about whether you think online media or the internet should be subject to the Printing and Presses Act. Please do not mindlessly bash the government for this post’s discussion. I intend to keep this site running as long as possible and I’ve heard the ISA lock-up doesn’t have much internet facilities.