• VIDEO: Volkswagen Scirocco Design Interview

    Volkswagen’s Head of Exterior Design Mark Lichte shares with us the design process in coming up with the new Volkswagen Scirocco coupe (more like a lower and wider 3-door hatch), which was first introduced to […]


  • Volkswagen Lavida – more details and photos

    The Volkswagen Lavida is a Chinese market sedan developed entirely by Shanghai Volkswagen outside of Germany. The interior and exterior does not look very much Volkswagen at all, but the good news is you will […]


  • Kelantan plans Mat Rempit race circuit

    The Kelantan government plans to build a special circuit for the state’s Mat Rempit to race and show off their stunts, which they currently do illegally all over the country’s roads and highways, endangering the […]


  • B8 Audi S4 will come with supercharged V6

    German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport reports that Audi will be replacing it’s 344 horsepower 4.2 litre V8 found in the Audi S4 and other cars with a forced inducted V6 instead, in line […]


  • Reader Zarul’s Proton MPV Wallpaper

    Click to enlarge Readers often send in artist’s impression of their favourite real or imaginary cars, and this one is a work by reader Zarul. He’s created a wallpaper which features his impression of how […]


  • Artist’s Impression: Proton Putra Replacement

    Click to enlarge The Proton Satria Neo already fills the “2-door fun car” segment in Proton’s model line-up, but what if Proton created a lightweight coupe from the Proton Saga chassis powered by a 1.6 […]


  • Perodua Nautica 4WD teaser site is up!

    Click to enlarge A teaser site for the Perodua Nautica 4WD is now up, and it gives us a sneak preview of some features of the upcoming Perodua Nautica 4WD, although key exterior design features […]


  • Audi unveils facelifted Audi A3

    Audi has unveiled a facelifted version of the Audi A3 for the 2009 model year. It receives an updated front end, with the headlamps getting the new LED running lights for the S line trim. […]


  • BMW M1 Hommage Concept

    BMW has unveiled its latest concept car, the BMW M1 Hommage Concept at the 2008 Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este, in honour of the BMW M1‘s 30th anniversary. The M1 Hommage Concept carries many of […]



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