• Petrol price may drop if crude oil below US$125

    Anwar Ibrahim has been using fuel prices as ammunition for his government reform campaign (see debate between Anwar and Ahmad Shabery), but this latest move by the ruling government may just force Anwar to look […]


  • BMW M3 Sedan gets facelift in record time

    BMW has applied the latest E90 sedan facelift to its M3 sedan less than a year after it was first unveiled in October last year. Only the rear gets the facelift treatment, featuring the new […]


  • 2009 BMW M6 gets new Competition Package

    The BMW M6 has been updated for the 2009 model year with new side mirrors, and an updated latest generation iDrive system. Under the hood, the auxiliary systems like air conditioning have been switched to […]


  • Terengganu offers perks to Proton taxi drivers

    The Terengganu state government is offering taxi drivers who are currently using old Nissans and Toyotas a subsidy of RM10,000 if they want to replace their aging cars with a new Proton Saga or Proton […]


  • Renault Megane R26.R Nurburgring Lap

    The recently unveiled 450 unit limited run Renault Megane R26.R set a lap record for front wheel drive cars at the Nurburgring track, completing a lap in 8 minutes and 17 seconds. A full list […]



Latest Fuel Prices

RON 95 RM1.69 (+0.10)
RON 97 RM1.99 (+0.10)
RON 100 RM2.51
VPR RM2.72
EURO 2M RM1.86 (+0.09)
EURO 5 RM1.96 (+0.09)
Last Updated 27 Jun 2020