Teen Track Experience

Now this is quite an interesting idea and I can guarantee there are some young extreme motorheads who will be dumping their summer odd job earnings into a couple of sessions at this joint.

The 6thGear Experience allows anyone to drive a choice of their 4 models of supercars, as long as you are over 4 feet and 10 inches tall and can reach the pedals! The ultimate amusement park, it seems, and with the advent of clutchless transmissions even in the world of pure hardcore supercars, it’s easier than ever for anyone to just go fast in a straight line in one. All of 6thGear Experience’s cars are automatic.

The four cars available are the Aston Martin DB9, the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, the Ferrari F360 Spider, and the Audi R8. They have a mix of the 4 models but 15 in total. The drop top Gallardo is the most expensive one on the list with a price tag of £140,000 to purchase but there’s no better way to experience the raging bull V10 than with the top down.

Every drive is supervised by a fully trained and experienced instructor who is skilled at drving and have been checked by the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) to certify them for working with youngers. You don’t want any dodgy person in a car alone with your youngster would you? 6thGear Experience reports that most kids reach an average speed of about 56km/h while driving the cars – must be too intimidating to go further, but some with practice and confidence have reached higher speeds.

Each ride starts from £89 for 10 – 15 minutes driving in one of the four cars above on a specially coned circuit. Hot laps are also available for £20 where you are taken for a ride (you don’t drive) in the Lamborghini as a passenger while a qualified driver/instructor drives the car around the track.

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