Jaguar XJ

Here’s a mega bonanza of multimedia goodies about the all-new Jaguar XJ, a car that Jaguar has been really shouting alot about. It really is a big deal, it’s the first departure from classic XJ looks in a really really long time.

The new XJ follows the new design language set by the XF but adds some quirky elements that you’d normally only expect from Citroen to it, such as the weird black-out polycarbonate C-pillars designed to make the rear windscreen look wider. What exactly is the point I don’t know, perhaps it’s a new way of making the rear end of a large car look sleeker – Callum pillar (like the Bangle butt) anyone?

Jaguar XJ

Drag coefficient is the same as the XF – 0.29! The aluminium chassis of the new XJ is largely based on the previous X350 but updated with new bits wherever Jaguar saw fit. Long the outgoing XJ and most cars in this segment there will be both a long wheelbase and short wheelbase version. Four engines will be offered with the new XJ. The sole diesel version is the new 3.0 litre AJ-V6D engine with twin sequential turbochargers, putting out 275 PS and taking the XJ from 0 to 100km/h in 6.3 seconds, while consuming only 40.1mpg.

Jaguar XJ

The top of the line petrol version is the supercharged 510PS 5.0-litre AJ-V8 Gen III, followed by 470PS supercharged and 385PS naturally aspirated petrol V8s depending on market. Read more about the Gen III AJ-V8 (AJ133).

Okay let’s just forget about all of that and go inside the car. This is where an XJ’s owner will be spending most of his time. And damn it’s a gorgeous place to be in! It combines retro styling cues with futuristic elements and very good use of wood like only a Jaguar could. The wraparound wood that sweeps across the whole interior is said to be inspired by a luxury boat.

The main LCD of the in-car entertainment system has a dual view mode which means the driver and passenger sees two different things because they are looking at it from different angles. This means the driver can have something else on the screen while the front passenger watches a movie. The other thing is the instrumentation panel right in front of the driver – it’s a pure computer screen which displays some really gorgeous animated virtual gauges instead of physical dials.

Jaguar XJ

Imagine cruising in the new XJ during magic hour – the last hour of sunlight during the day. The sun is still lightly illuminating most of the interior but there’s enough darkness for Jaguar’s lovely mash-up of interior ambient lighting to glow.

That’s really the best time to feast your eyes and soak up the new XJ’s interior aesthetics and lighting. You simply can’t get that in a 7 or an S.

Look after the jump for a massive hi-res photo gallery and a couple of videos of the XJ. You really have to watch the videos as they tell you more about the XJ especially that amazing interior with the Virtual Instrument dials than text ever could.

VIDEO: Jaguar XJ – Exterior Footage

VIDEO: Jaguar XJ – Interior Footage

VIDEO: Jaguar XJ – Technology

VIDEO: Jaguar XJ – Tracking Footage

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VIDEO: Ian Callum on the new XJ

VIDEO: Mick Mohan (programme director) on the new XJ

VIDEO: Mike O’Driscoll (managing director) on the new XJ

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