Red Bull’s RB6 that powered Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber to a one-two finish at the Malaysian GP is the fastest car on track at the moment, leading some rivals to question its legality. Word has been going around that the RB6 uses some sort of ride height adjustment device which optimises performance for both qualifying and the race.

This has led the FIA to issue a statement. “Any system device or procedure, the purpose and/or effect of which is to change the set-up of the suspension, while the car is under parc ferme conditions will be deemed to contravene art 34.5 of the sporting regulations,” it said. The ruling body has also inspected the RB6 and found it to be perfectly legal, faxing all the F1 teams to confirm that anyone who implements such a system will be contravening the regulations.

Meanwhile, Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner says the FIA’s reminder “has no impact” on its RB6. “The car that we will take to China will be exactly the same mechanically as it was in the first three races. It has absolutely no impact on the specification of our car.

“Fundamentally, we’ve got a fast car. The guys have done a good job and it’s inevitably one of those things that people perhaps make accusations when you are running competitively,” he said. “But I take it as a compliment. I’m sure if we were running 14th, similar accusations wouldn’t be made,” he told Autosport.