BMW has been talking about its Mega City Vehicle (MCV) for some time now. As it stands, the MCV is expected to be launched in 2013 under a sub-brand very much like the M cars, and will grow into an eco friendly range that could eventually include something like a production version of BMW’s Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car. The brand will feature a propeller logo but with a separate name. BMW is in the final stages of deciding what that name will be.

This was all revealed by Ian Robertson, board member for sales and marketing at BMW, who also confirmed that the MCV will be the company’s first fully fledged electric car. The car will also incorporate carbonfibre tech, in line with Munich’s joint venture with a carbon fibre specialist which will see the MCV sit on a composite chassis.

As we all know, carbonfibre construction is not cheap, being normally reserved for supercars, and Robertson admits that prices will be high, but adds that kerb weight will be 20% lower than a steel bodied equivalent. Other plus points? The MCV is designed as a bespoke electric vehicle, and does without the packaging compromises seen in EVs modified from regular cars. For instance, the batteries will be stored as thin sandwiches around the chassis rather than stored in the boot.

Robertson also gave hints that in the medium term mainstream BMWs will adopt carbonfibre construction, citing benefits like reduced CO2, light weight and lighter ancillaries that could outweigh the cost factor.