Opel has facelifted its Corsa supermini (Vauxhall Corsa in the UK), which first came on the scene in 2006. GM’s 2011 model year B-segment contender to the Polo, Clio and Fiesta gets a “sportier, expressive look” to cloak the internal updates for 2010 cars, which got new engines, upgraded suspension and retuned steering.

The facelift re-proportions the upper and lower grilles. The lower one is wider and taller to visually widen the car. In addition, a mesh grille design replaces the current horizontal bars while the chrome “wings” of the Opel logo is bigger. The German brand has also added “eagle eye” headlamps along with signature wing-shaped daylight lamps that made their debut in the Insignia. Six new alloy designs and a larger Opel Blitz logo at the rear are included as well.

There are also new fog lamp units with “integrated chrome blades” that really reminds me of the Mazda2; the green colour on the Corsa helps the visual link to its Japanese classmate too. What do you think? See the familiar smiley face?

All variants have been updated with new trim or fabrics. The new Touch & Connect navigation system has a five-inch touch screen that displays both 2D and 3D bird view maps from SD navigation cards. Features include an option to choose the most ecological route and the proposal of alternative routes when faced with traffic, even when navigation is not active. It’s Bluetooth, iPod and USB compatible, too.

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