Alright, so the Auto Union bit would have been a giveaway, as would have the toy fair debut. The debutant in question is an all-electric, 1:2 scale version of the 1936 Auto Union Type C Grand Prix car, Audi’s latest e-tron concept study.

The electrically-propelled reworking of the ’30s racing classic will make its debut at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg next month. It’s a half-size model, based on the limited edition pedal car.

In partnership with a lithium-ion battery, the electric motor on this one – which drives the rear wheels – develops a staggering 1.5 hp as well as up to 60 Nm of torque for short periods, and the car has a whopping top speed of 30 kph.

Not quite the sprightliest Audi ever made, but it can cover up to 24 km on just two hours of battery charge time from a standard 230V household socket. Oh, and the Type C prototype is also equipped with a reverse gear.

The body is hand-finished, and is made from aluminium and carbon-effect material, and at 2.32 m long and 97 cm wide, it’s just 1.12m shorter than the A1, which makes it suitable for children and adults up to 5 ft 11 in (1.8 m) tall. Unfortunately, the company has no plans for series production with this one.

Elsewhere, if foosball is more your thing, then the Audi Design table football table, which also goes on show in Nuremberg, looks like the perfect spot. Besides the sleek styling, features include a high-quality finish in aluminium and high-strength plastic.

Only 20 tables will be built initially, and this one can be bought, and though you’ll have to part with RM62,600 for one, it’s surely a small price to pay for an Audi …