Castrol’s latest campaign to highlight the benefits and workings of its Magnatec motor oil kicked off on Thursday – the Instant Protection roadshow, which incorporates Augmented Reality technology to showcase the instant protection that Castrol Magnatec offers against start up engine wear, addresses the topic in a fun and interactive manner.

The campaign highlights the point that the problem of engine wear, which is caused by friction, happens mostly during start up – conventional oils drain to the bottom of the sump when the engine is off, and that up to 75% of engine wear happens while your engine is warming up, the company says. That’s where an oil like Castrol Magnatec comes in, offering a ready layer of protection with its Intelligent Molecules that cling like magnets to vital engine parts at all times.

“As up to 75% of engine wear occurs during the critical start up and warm up phase, we at Castrol liken start up engine wear to a “monster.” Castrol Magnatec has been uniquely engineered to provide unrivalled all round instant protection so that you can be sure that your engine is protected from the moment you turn the key,” said Mark Ng, marketing director of Castrol Malaysia & Singapore.

The main attraction of the Instant Protection roadshow is the opportunity to be the first to experience the world’s first giant Augmented Reality Monster, courtesy of technology where elements in a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment are augmented by computer-generated sensory input.

The technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality, allowing visitors at the roadshow to enjoy an interactive experience of being protected by Castrol Magnatec’s Intelligent Molecule from a giant monster attack.

The roadshow is currently running at Mid Valley Megamall until tomorrow, June 19, and from there it will proceed to Gurney Plaza in Penang on July 1–3, AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre in Johor Bahru on July 22–24 before returning to the Klang Valley at One Utama Shopping Centre on August 11-14.

The campaign will also incorporate Augmented Reality technology in an interactive online game contest via Facebook, not surprisingly called the Castrol Magnatec Augmented Reality Monster game. All you need to do is become a fan of Castrol Malaysia by clicking on the “LIKE” Castrol Malaysia button, play the interactive and experiential game to stand a chance to win a host of attractive prizes.

These include holiday trips to Hong Kong Disneyland and Singapore’s Universal Studio, as well as the all-new iPad 2 and Castrol Magnatec products – visit for more info.