It’s the third – and final – installment of Food Travels with Toyota Hybrid, webisodes searching out good eateries in the Klang Valley. Host Megan Tan and her two programme guests this week take to the road to find the tastiest fare around.

The first episode saw Paul and Harvinder providing a better insight into the workings of the Prius and PRIUS c, while the second episode had comedian Kuah Jenhan joining Megan in a food fest, sprinkled with some humour along the way.

Now, it’s the turn of owners Ophelia Lee and Fazli Lutffi to partake in the food finding fun. Twenty-four-year-old Ophelia enthuses about her PRIUS c, which she thinks is excellent for town use, surprisingly spacious on the inside and with more legroom and seating space than expected. She teams up with Megan to tackle some of the yummy dishes at Ante Kitchen & Bar at Publika, KL.

Then, it’s Fazli’s turn to expound his love of his Prius. The 36-year-old lawyer has had his Prius for a year, and continues to find his ride awesome, citing the car’s fabulous fuel efficiency and power as standouts. He and Megan sample the savoury delights at Santai Restaurant and Café in Taman Tun, KL.

So there you have it, three webisodes packed with plenty of food and a whole lot of go, with the Toyota Prius and PRIUS c at the heart of it all. Hope you’ve enjoyed Food Travels with Toyota Hybrid as much as those on it have.