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As the severe East Coast floods have started to ease, we are beginning to realise the true extent of the damage caused. UMW Toyota has announced a Toyota and Lexus Flood Assist Package aimed at helping Toyota and Lexus owners get their flood-damaged cars back on the road again.

As part of the scheme, affected owners are offered a 25% discount on the total flood damage repair bill, including parts and labour charges. In addition, there will also be a free towing service, a quick evaluation and quotation on the expected repair cost and a free exterior and engine wash. An easy payment scheme will be made available to credit card members from major banks.

The Flood Assist Package will run throughout 2015, and owners can visit any UMW Toyota-owned service centre for repairs or call the Toyota hotline at 1-800-88-69682 or the Lexus hotline at 1-800-88-53987 for assistance.

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“Our commitment to our customers remains topmost in our priority. We hope by offering the Toyota and Lexus Flood Assist Package all year round will further ease the burden of our Toyota and Lexus vehicles owners who were affected by the recent flood,” said UMW Toyota president Datuk Ismet Suki. “We sincerely hope for the quickest possible recovery and our heartfelt prayers to all our customers and their family during these difficult times.”

So far, Proton, PeroduaETCM (Nissan) and Honda Malaysia have announced various relief programmes and discounts for those affected by the floods. Every little bit helps. Let’s all pray for those affected.