CRZ Toyo Review- 4

The Honda CR-Z and Civic Hybrid have been axed from the company’s range in Australia, echoing a move made by Honda Europe to send the hybrid hatchback and the Insight to the chopping block almost a year ago. Honda Australia cites a major revamp of its hybrid range for the decision.

With the Honda CR-Z, Civic Hybrid as well as the Jazz Hybrid no longer on sale, it leaves the automaker with a grand total of zero eco-friendly models in the Aussie market. With that said, the firm is looking to introduce the Honda Accord Hybrid in the second quarter of 2015, followed by the NSX in 2016.

accord hybrid 01

As one of the new models to be featured under Honda’s Hybrid Sport banner from its Earth Dreams Technology portfolio, the i-MMD-based Accord Hybrid will compete against the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Sales of the hatch have been on a steady decline in Australia over the past few years, with 370 units sold in 2012 followed by only 58 in 2013, no doubt due to a price increase. With so many Honda dealers around the world axing the Honda CR-Z, just how long can the hybrid hatch stay relevant in our market – especially when one takes into account the insane price hike it received back at the end of last year?

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