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We have all had our share our crazy stories, but this one takes the cake. A mother in China basically chose her BMW over her baby. Apparently, when her three-year-old son became trapped in the car after it locked itself, she didn’t want the fire fighters to smash the window, as she feared the eventual repair costs.

Let’s take a step back and just see this for what it is. Would you really prioritise your car over your child? It’s mind boggling to see such crass decision making in this day and age.

On the day, ambient temperatures were creeping up to 32 degrees Celsius in Yiwu, in the Zhejiang province, and large crowds gathered around the vehicle after hearing the cries of the helpless three-year-old infant trying to claw his way out.

The mother insisted on waiting for a locksmith to arrive and unlock the door, according to witnesses, while she stood next to the vehicle and remained impassive as the boy frantically tried to get out.

Ultimately, a group of fire fighters appeared at the scene and ignored the mother’s request and proceeded to smash the window as the boy’s condition deteriorated, due to the heat and lack of oxygen in the cabin.

Zheijang Online quoted a fire fighter about the perils of leaving kids inside cars, especially in such heat. “The temperature inside the car can soar in a very short time and threaten the child’s life,” he said.

According to the UK Mirror, even Chinese social media users were livid with the woman’s actions. @Wangtengke_Scott wrote, ”looks like the car window is her real son.” Another added, “It’s the mother that should get hit.”

Enough said, really.