What you see before you here is the production-spec Infiniti Q30, leaked ahead of its official debut. It looks like a crossover, coupe and a hatchback fused together – staying very true to the concept that was first shown in Frankfurt 2013 (below).

The cross styling between the three bodystyles is expected to “resonate with customers,” says Infiniti. It is “an attempt to appeal to generation X and Y buyers”, which the company claims will make up about 80% of its buyers. The Nissan-owned premium brand dubs the fluid lines of the Q30 the ‘Dual Wave’ effect, which is said to be an aerodynamic design to exhibit “effortless performance.”

It does help to know that underneath the new Q30 is a Mercedes-Benz platform. The Q30 is built on Merc’s Modular Front Architecture (MFA) base, the same platform that underpins the A-, B-, CLA- and GLA-Class.

While no black and white details have been released regarding the powertrain of the new Q30, Infiniti USA states on its website that the Q30 will have the “performance of a coupe.” In the leaked pic, we can see that it sports a ‘2.2d’ badge by the side, so it is likely going to have a 2.2 litre turbodiesel engine, sourced from Mercedes-Benz.

The Q30 will soon enter production at Nissan’s facility in Sunderland, UK. It is expected to make its official debut in September, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Infiniti Q30 Concept