It would appear that the roads of Malaysia are getting increasingly unsafe by the day as another road rage incident has been captured on camera with the encounter believed to have taken place in Serdang, Selangor. The video begins with a shot of a white Hyundai Sonata driving alongside the victim’s car.

Soon enough, the road bully in the Hyundai surges ahead and slices to the inner most left lane, appearing to wait for the victim to drive pass. As the two cars approach, the Sonata veers out into the direction of the victim’s car, nearly causing a collision – possible minor contact may have occurred.

Following that, the bully steps out and approaches the stationary vehicle of the victim. As he reaches the driver’s side window, he begins to harass the victim by smacking the window and taunting the driver to leave the vehicle. Thankfully, the victim refrains from doing so and soon enough, the bully loses his patience and returns to his car before driving away. Oh, you should also know he had his family with him the whole time.

The entire encounter appears to have been the result of a misunderstanding when the victim honked at the Sonata driver for squeezing into his way into her lane without the use of his indicators. Now, while what he did may be unsavoury, at times it is best to just leave these individuals be.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, do NOT leave your vehicle. Instead, lock the doors and remain calm – winding down the window a little to apologise is as much contact as you should establish between you and a road bully. If the situation does not improve, seal the car up again and proceed to contact the police.

Make it obvious that you are doing so in hopes that the bully will back away and leave. Remember, dear readers, it will pay to set aside your ego once in a blue moon and just diffuse the situation with an apology. Never resort to violence under any circumstances – think of your loved ones and drive safe!