For all Tesla fans out there, here’s some news that will make you pretty envious – customers in the US are now starting to customise their personalised orders for the new Tesla Model X. Pictures of the production model have made surfaced on the Internet too, posted on the Teslamotorsclub and EVObsession sites.

Apparently, there are two levels of reservations currently offered: one for the regular model, which requires a $5,000 (RM21,000) deposit, and a $40,000 (RM168,800) deposit for the limited Signature edition. As reported by Bloomberg and confirmed by Tesla, the base price for the Model X Signature series is USD$132,000 (RM555,400).

On top of that, there’s the “Ludicrous Speed Upgrade” option, which is a cool USD$10,000 (RM42,000) extra. Put the two together and you’re looking at a RM600,000 vehicle in the US.


The Model X Signature edition will have a 90 kWh battery, and should be good for 386 km on a full charge. It will reach 96 km/h (60 mp/h) in 3.8 seconds, with 259 hp from the front motor and 503 hp from the rear motor, all good for a 250 km/h top speed. Spec the Ludicrous mode and it’ll get to 96 km/h in 3.2 seconds. Mind you, this is a seven-seat family vehicle!

Standard equipment on the all-wheel drive Model X includes ‘Falcon Wing’ rear doors with built-in sensors, and more importantly, free long-distance travel on Tesla’s expanding Supercharger network. Autopilot features such as self parking, as well as air suspension, satellite radio, ventilated leather seats and independently-operable, adult-size second- and third-row seats are all standard too.