After languishing in the shadows for a while, Suzuki is showing it is still in the superbike game, with the launch of the 2017 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 L7. Despite the GSX-R 1000 L5 not being the sales success as hoped, the L7 is a serious bit of kit, and pricing in the UK is set at £13,249 (RM73,165) for the GSX-R 1000, with the higher-spec GSX-R 1000R going for £16,099 (RM88,903).

While a direct comparison cannot be drawn between UK and Malaysian prices, due to the import duty and tax structure imposed by the government, the 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R is sold for RM104,859, while the 2016 BMW S1000 RR can be had for RM104,900. The 2016 GSX-R 1000 is sold for approximately RM96,900, and it can be assumed the 2017 GSX-R 1000 will come in above the RM100k price point.

What you do get in the 2017 GSX-R 1000 is a superbike that is filled with the high-tech stuff riders have to come expect from any top-of-the-line race-ready machine. Top of the list is the variable valve timing (VVT) system – ball bearings driven by centrifugal change the cam orientation and affect valve timing for top-end power.

Suzuki claims the big Gixxer will produce 199.2 hp and 117.6 Nm of torque. According to a Motorcycle News report, Shinichi Sahara and Eiji Sasaki, GSX-R chief engineer and engine project leader respectively, have said the GSX-R1000 engine gets a power boost from “about 10,000 rpm.”

Differences between the GSX-R and GSX-R R include the suspension, where the ‘R’ model gets Showa’s gold-anodised Balance Free Fork (BFF) and Balance Free Cushion (BFRC) rear shock, while the base model makes do with the Showa Big Piston fork. Suzuki test riders did not find any advantages to a semi-active suspension setup during development, so the Gixxer’s suspension is an all-mechanical setup.

The 2017 GSX-R 1000 also comes with three engine modes, a six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), traction control with 10 settings, and cornering ABS. The GSX-R 1000R, in addition to the base model’s electronics suite, gets launch control and an up-and-down quickshifter. was informed last year that the GSX-R 1000 L7 would come to Malaysia later in 2017, but this was before the shutdown of Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia plant in Prai, Penang, in August, 2016, as well as the closing of its Shah Alam, Selangor, office, in December. What do you think? Should the ultimate GSX-R come to Malaysia, or is it too little, too late?