Police in China recently fined a motorist who tried to pass off his Chinese-made car as a Porsche Macan, according to a report by South China Morning Post. Fancy a guess what car the man was driving?

Before we reveal the answer, the report states that the man was stopped at a routine roadblock in Liuyang in the Hunan province. His automobile was adorned with Porsche badges and emblems, which were said to cost him about 200 yuan (RM129).

However, the authorities weren’t fooled by the “Porsche,” and promptly proceeded to fine the unnamed driver 500 yuan (RM322) for modifying the car so that it did not match its registration details.

If you guessed the Zotye SR9, congratulations, you know how to differentiate an authentic Macan from what is essentially a clone. In China, the SR9 costs about 100,000 yuan (RM64,474), about five times less than a real Macan.

This isn’t the first case of a China-based carmaker “adopting” the design of other brands either if you recall the Landwind X7, a clone of the Land Rover Evoque. Should you want to compare both cars (Macan and SR9), we’ve prepared galleries of both for you to go through below.

GALLERY: Porsche Macan GTS (100% genuine)