Another video of a vehicle driving against the flow of traffic has surfaced on social media, this time on the East Coast Expressway 2 (LPT2).

In a series of dashcam videos posted by Khairi Razif, we see the recording vehicle getting on the highway just behind a lorry. Shortly after, a Proton Exora comes into view as it performs an overtaking manoeuvre before pulling to the left lane after passing the lorry.

Why? As you can see at the 35-second mark of the forward-facing recording, a Honda Prelude is seen casually driving in the opposite direction on the same lane! Thankfully, the driver in the Prelude wasn’t going at a high rate of speed but one can imagine the terror of a head-on collision should the Exora driver be moving any quicker, or fail to avoid the Prelude.

In another video that shows the rear of the recording vehicle, the offending vehicle is seen continuing on its journey at a steady pace, blissfully unaware of that what he or she is doing is utterly dangerous (remember the incident involving the Gen 2?)

This is a reminder that drivers have to be alert when behind the wheel and be able to swiftly move out of the way when encountering these lawan arus drivers. Drive safe, everyone.