These things, they just don’t stop, do they? Two months on from the infamous accident in which a Proton Gen.2 going against traffic caused a four-car pileup that resulted in one death, we have yet to see a let up in incidents of drivers going the wrong way – in fact, if anything, they seem to have escalated in frequency!

The latest video above shows a Perodua Myvi driven by someone that seems to be oblivious that they are driving on the wrong side of a major highway – the North-South Expressway, no less, near the Kulai rest stop – and on the fast lane at that.

After narrowly missing a few oncoming vehicles, the car then speeds off out of sight for a good long stretch, while those recording the video remark on the silliness of what they were watching. Eventually, the Myvi slows down for some reason – likely to dodge a few more cars coming the other way.

As with previous incidents, we are absolutely nonplussed as to the circumstances of such behaviour. Did the driver miss an exit, or was it just a silly daredevil move?