Here’s another case of a road bully caught in the act, this time in Subang Jaya. In this dashcam video that has been making rounds on the internet, a green Perodua Myvi is seen intimidating the driver of the recording vehicle with various dangerous manoeuvres.

From risky overtaking to brake checking, and even reversing closely into the car around traffic, it is certainly shocking to see what the driver of the Myvi is willing to do to “prove a point.” More surprisingly, the trigger of this bout of road rage is the driver in the recording vehicle reprimanding the Myvi driver for displaying a lack of courteousness when behind the wheel.

This is clearly seen from the start of the near five-minute video, where the Myvi is seen jumping a traffic queue entering USJ by cutting in from the left, which is supposed to be for vehicles heading towards Sunway/SS15.

At the 28-second mark is where the drama begins, with the driver of recording vehicle giving the Myvi a honk for switching lanes at the last second to jump the queue. Following that, the Myvi driver decides to “hunt” down the driver of the recording vehicle, provoking him with his reckless moves.

It is only just after the SS15 post office, when the Myvi driver did some “reversing tricks,” did another individual enter the scene, telling him/her off. Thankfully, the driver of the recording vehicle knew not to retaliate during the incident, and instead wanted to distance himself from what could have been an impending accident.

[UPDATE]: It has been reported by SJ Echo that both parties involved in the incident had submitted police reports, and the case will be investigated. “Both drivers had made police reports at the Subang Jaya Police Station. We will call them in to help in the investigations,” said Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Mohammad Azlin Sadari, with the case set to be investigated under Section 42(1) Road Transport Act 1987 for driving dangerously and recklessly.