Mercedes-Benz has released another teaser of two facelifted models – the S-Class Coupe (C217) and S-Class Cabriolet (A217) – which will be making their debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. As we’ve seen in the brand’s previous teaser, one of the revisions involves the cars’ taillights, the subject of this video.

The first 12 seconds of the clip gives us a detailed look at the cars’ new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) taillights. Made up of 33 individual OLED elements arranged across three rows, each one is individually controllable and you can see how they are lit up in sequence.

The thin profile of OLEDs allows the elements to overlap each other and curve around the cluster, which should make for quite a light show. What is peculiar is the inclusion of conventional amber turn signals within the unit, given the OLEDs potential to act as sequential turn signals.

Fancy lights aside, the S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet will also come with revised front and rear bumpers, as well as an updated interior. Following the S-Class Sedan facelift, an improved suite of safety, driver assistance and semi-autonomous driving technologies is likely, plus a new engine line-up. Look forward to the Frankfurt Motor Show for a full reveal.