A motorcycle legend, the Honda Super Cub, is updated for 2018 with the Super Cub 50 and Super Cub 110, and production of both models will move from China to Honda’s Kumamoto, Japan factory. Now coming in base and Pro versions, Japanese domestic pricing, including 8% consumption tax, is set at 232,200 yen (RM8,683) for the Super Cub 50, while the Super Cub 50 Pro retails for 253,800 yen (RM9,491).

Meanwhile the Super Cub 110 is priced at 275,400 yen (RM10,299) while the Super Cub 110 Pro will set the buyer back 297,000 yen (RM11,107). New for the next generation Super Cub is LED lighting for the headlight and turn signals, along with detachable side covers for enhanced usability.

Still carrying the air-cooled, single cylinder power plant, the Super Cub 50’s mill displaces 49 cc, while the Super Cub 110 has a 109 cc engine. The Super Cub 50 has a power output of 3.7 PS at 7,500 rpm, with torque rated at 3.8 Nm at 5,500 rpm, while the Super Cub 110 clocks in at 8 PS at 7,500 rpm and 8.5 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.

Fuelling is by Honda’s PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, and power gets to the ground via a four-speed centrifugal clutch gearbox and chain final drive – the Super Cub 110 has a larger chain than the 50. Braking is with drum brakes front and rear, while a telescopic fork holds up the front end and twin shock absorbers prop up the back, in traditional Honda Cub style.

Based on the standard Super Cub 50 and 110, which roll on 17-inch wheels, the Pro version of the Super Cub comes with 14-inch hoops and a basket mounted over the front fender and a rear carrier, with the headlight and turn signals relocated to the front of the basket. The Super Cub Pro is designed for the needs of the newspaper and small package delivery market segment, which is still in demand in Japan.

The Super Cub 50 is available in Pearl Shining Yellow, Virgin Beige, Moonstone Silver Metallic-U, Tasmania Green Metallic, and Urbane Denim Blue Metallic. The Super Cub 110 is available in Glint Wave Blue Metallic, Classical White, Virgin Beige, Tasmania Green Metallic, and Urbane Denim Blue Metallic, while the Pro version of both Super Cubs comes in Seychelles Night Blue.