Strategic alliances are becoming more common these days, and why not? Sharing expertise, tech and build makes a whole lot of sense from a cost and efficiency point-of-view, and the more heads there are, the more that can be gleaned. Well, that’s the thought, at least.

The latest one that has been announced will see Volkswagen and Ford working together – the automakers have signed a MoU towards exploring potential projects across a number of areas. One of these will be the development of a range of commercial vehicles, a segment which Ford stated recently is set to play a big part in its North American product portfolio by 2020.

Currently, Volkswagen’s commercial division has the Transporter T6, while Ford has a Transit range – no details were mentioned as to what exactly will come about, but the companies say the new range of products will be aimed at better serving the evolving needs of customers. According to some news reports, electric vans look to be a strong possibility.

The automakers say that the projects that will come about as a result of the alliance are targeted at strengthening each company’s competitiveness, but the partnership will not involve any equity arrangements or cross ownership stakes. They added that updates and additional details will be announced as discussions progress.