Fresh from launching its B2C online marketplace and flagship store, Carsome now has an official store selling used cars on Shopee. We’ve seen OEMs selling new cars and merchandise on the e-commerce platform before, but this is the first time anyone is selling used cars there.

What this means is that consumers can now browse and purchase a selection of used cars on Shopee. All the cars listed in Carsome’s official store on Shopee come with full specification and photos in various angles. Most importantly, the cars are Carsome Certified, which means that they come with a one-year warranty and a five-day money back guarantee – that’s right, a money back guarantee, which you can read in full here.

Carsome Certified cars have gone through the company’s 175-point inspection, the same one it uses when purchasing your car for resale. This ensures that the cars have not been in major accidents, and do not have structural or flood damage.

“We are proud to work with Shopee, who have been very supportive in our endeavour to reshape and elevate the used car buying experience through digitalisation,” said Carsome co-founder and group CEO Eric Cheng.

“The launch of Carsome’s store on Shopee is also just in time for our upcoming 10.10 Shopee Brands Festival. Carsome will gain exposure from the increased customer traffic to the platform and by leveraging it, bring about the awareness that users can now experience a new way of shopping for quality used cars,” said Ian Ho, Shopee’s regional MD.

Here’s an opening promo. Shopee users can purchase a RM500 cash voucher at a promotional price of RM199, and use it to pay downpayment for selected cars.

Those who purchase a car on Shopee will also get free merchandise for test drives, a RM500 discount for those who have previously sold their cars to Carsome, and a referral scheme with combined cash rewards of RM800. A simple search for “Carsome” on Shopee should take you to the official store.

We caught up with Cheng and fellow co-founder Teoh Jiun Ee last month and found the startup to be in very good health. Last year was Carsome’s best ever year with 40,000 cars worth RM1.2 billion handled across the region – besides Malaysia, Carsome operates in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Now, one would be forgiven for thinking that Covid-19 has dampened prospects for the company, but it is actually well on track to double 2019’s 40k total this year. That bullish stance is in-line with the big boom the used car sector is currently enjoying. Click on the links to read more and also check out our used car buying guide.