We’ve covered the Perodua Ativa rather extensively on this website, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. It’s what we do here at paultan.org, more so with new national car launches. Regular readers would know we handled the Proton X50 launch just as thoroughly just a few months ago, as well as the Myvi in 2017.

Those looking for more details on the Ativa, this is the one you’ve been waiting for – our full review of Perodua’s new compact SUV. Just like my X50 review, it’s a long one, just under 55 minutes. But as per the title, it covers everything you’ll need or want to know about the Ativa, covering all that’s good as well as the bad.

It’s fair to say the Ativa has sparked a lot of intrigue among the general public. Is the tiny 1.0 litre turbo engine any good? Is it faster than a Myvi? Is the D-CVT any better than Proton’s CVT? Perodua claims 18.9 km/L, but what’s the real-world fuel consumption? How about the three-cylinder vibration and noise?

This video will cover all that and more, including comments on its build quality (is it a vast improvement over the Myvi?) and ASA 3.0 advanced driving assist features (is it really a Level 2 semi-autonomous car, and how does the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist behave on Malaysian roads?).

In short, there’s no denying the Perodua Ativa is a great car, but that statement does come with a few caveats. As good as it is, it does have a few glaring flaws, and as big of an improvement it is over other Perodua models, it still falls short of other carmakers in quite a few aspects.

Like the X50, we also have a shorter version of this review below, which is easier to digest – meant for casual viewers, it still covers all the necessary details. If you’re seriously looking to buy the Ativa, however, I’d recommend you take the time to watch the full version above, as it details its pros and cons more extensively.

Do let me know what you think of the review in the comments section below. Thanks for watching, and stay safe, everyone.

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