Bridgestone Potenza Sport, the tyremaker’s flagship performance model, is now officially launched in Malaysia. It’s a replacement for the Potenza S007A and sits above the Potenza Adrenalin RE004 in the brand’s Potenza performance line-up.

As the original equipment (OE) factory fit tyre for the new Maserati MC20 and Lamborghini Huracan STO – which is essentially a road legal race car – and some Ferraris to come, the Potenza Sport is proven credentials out of the box. Here’s an overview of the UHP tyre’s features.

Developed at Bridgestone Technical Center Europe in Rome, Italy, the Potenza Sport is manufactured in Europe, unlike its S007A predecessor. The Japanese tyremaker says that it interviewed over 3,800 drivers globally to gather feedback in developing the new model, which was designed using Bridgestone’s Virtual Tyre Development tech. This allowed the company to accurately predict the tyre’s performance without having to physically produce and test every version, saving around 200 development tyres for every project. Eco-friendliness aside, virtual R&D also cuts time-to-market by up to half.

The Potenza Sport’s three main goals are stability at high speed (straight-line and corners), secure grip in both wet and dry, and shorter braking distances. These do sound very generic and can be used to describe any sporty street tyre, but we’re talking about supercar levels and the pinnacle of tyre tech here. By the way, Bridgestone counts the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport, Continental SportContact 6 and Pirelli P Zero PZ4 as rivals. All of those UHPs are no strangers to winning tyre shootouts.

Bridgestone’s flagship features various new and innovative technologies in tread pattern design, compound and construction. “Innovative 3D sipes” are applied to the tyre tread pattern design to increase shear stiffness, as well as to improve and enhance braking and abrasion resistance.

The compound contains an optimised formula that is combined with innovative mixing technology to improve the tyre’s wet and dry handling performance. Bridgestone says that the eventual mix improves chemical reaction control, balancing the reinforcing mechanism and rolling resistance. It also achieved high stiffness to benefit dry cornering and straight-line stability.

The Potenza Sport is the OE tyre for Maserati’s new halo car, the 630 PS/730 Nm MC20

A new hybrid crown reinforcement – using nylon and aramid – helps maximise tyre stability at high speed, while a sporty carcass package (sidewall and bead filler) is also applied to increase stability and steering response, while optimising rolling resistance.

As for the tread design, it doesn’t look super aggressive, but then again, most of the top-tier performance tyres aren’t designed to look impressive. What tyre insiders call the “land-sea ratio” (tread and ribs) is always optimised for the next model, and the Potenza Sport has an asymmetric wall angle to increase lateral stiffness and reduce block deformation. This benefits cornering performance and straight line stability.

There’s also a sporty profile shape to the tyre, which in simple terms means the tyre is more “square” for maximised contact area – this improves dry braking performance.

The Lambo Huracan STO is factory fitted with 235/30 front and 305/30 20-inch Potenza Sport tyres

Last but not least is the optimised rib and void distribution to maximise water evacuation and improve wet cornering and braking performance. The above-mentioned “innovative 3D sipes” also do their part in the wet performance department. If you’re wondering how the Potenza Sport compares to the S007A, its maker claims that the Sport betters its predecessor in all performance areas (wet cornering is the biggest gain) except for one – noise levels are equal.

As for sidewall design and branding, Bridgestone has gone for the simple but prominent look, with the wordmark on opposing ends and “Potenza Sport” and the B logo on the other axis. Gone are the days where the Potenza/Turanza name is the most visible element – this look is also seen on the Turanza T005A. Also simplified is the name of the tyre itself – no more alphanumeric combo.

The made-in-Europe Bridgestone Potenza Sport comes in 84 sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches, and 16 of those sizes are now available in Malaysia (six 18-inch sizes and 10 19-inch sizes), priced from RM959 to RM1,723 a piece. Bridgestone Malaysia says that it will bring in more sizes from time to time, according to market demand.