• Proton Gen2 1.3 in showrooms

    The Proton Gen2 finally comes with a 1.3 engine despite it being available overseas in markets such as the UK for some time. With the introduction, Proton introduces a new colour for the Gen2 – […]


  • Variable Geometry Toroidal Engine (Round Engine)

    I’ve stumbled upon this new way of making combustion engines called Round Engine, or it’s more techy-sounding name Variable Geometry Toroidal (VGT). At first I thought it’s some kind of rotary engine but it’s not. […]


  • Top Gear Crew on Gen2 Promotions in the UK

    Jeremy Clarkson and the rest of the Top Gear crew on the Proton Gen2. Alot of sarcasm! But it’s not really bashing the car, just talking about the promotion. Thanks to YouTube for the hosting.


  • Proton-Volkswagen Talks Continue

    Proton’s talks with Volkswagen are still on-going while analysts ponder over the possible outcomes. The Government will not give up the 42.7% stake that it has in Proton through it’s investment arm Khazanah Nasional Bhd. […]


  • Mercedes Benz SLK320 CDI Tri-Turbo

    In conjunction with it’s 70th anniversary making oil burners, Mercedes Benz had something very interesting to show us at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. The Mercedes Benz SLK320 CDI Tri-Turbo Vision


  • Volkswagen wants 50% plus 1 share

    Proton seems to be a hot item right now. News is that Volkswagen now wants 50% plus 1 share stake in Proton Holdings Bhd, and wants management control. This would make it the majority shareholder […]


  • Toyota MR2 Jet Turbine

    Now this is some seriously crazy stuff. This Toyota MR2 has been fitted with a turbine propelsion system. No, not turbo turbines but jet turbines! Thrust is powered by twin GE T-58 turbines, coupled with […]


  • More AP Updates

    Rafidah says she is too hurt to reply. But the cabinet wants to hear her side of the story. The ball is in her court. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says she might be asked […]



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