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  • Proton Volkswagen Stake Purchase Updates

    Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday that Proton will sell stake to Volkswagen AG yesterday, causing Proton shares to go up as much as 3.6 percent to an eight-day high of 8.55 ringgit. Volkswagen […]

  • 2006 Toyota Vios Facelift

    With the new Honda City facelift coming soon on the 11th this month, it’s time it’s direct competitor the Toyota Vios got updated too to keep up with the competition. This is the facelifted Toyota […]

  • New Honda City facelift in Malaysia

    Honda has been marketing teasers of their new Honda City facelift that’s to be launched really soon. It’s already available in Thailand as the Honda City ZX. I don’t know whether it will be known […]

  • Petrol up 87% in Indonesia

    Indonesia raised it’s fuel prices almost 87 percent yesterday in efforts to revive it’s economy as oil subsidies took up more than 25% of Indonesia’s yearly budget. Naturally such a ridiculously high hike in such […]

  • Toyota i-unit Concept

    The Toyota i-unit was unveiled at the World Expo 2005 in Japan. It’s a personal mobility device. If you thought the Smart fortwo was small, this i-unit can only transport one person.

  • 2007 Smart formore

    Everyone is into the SUV craze and so is Smart, the small car manufacturer division of Daimler Chrysler. Wikipedia says the Smart formore was supposed to be an SUV based on the same platform as […]

  • Mitsubishi I Concept

    Mitsubishi has a new concept minicar that might just find it’s way into production lines. The Mitsubishi i Concept is built with large interior space, crash-worthiness and a fun driving experience in mind.

  • 2006 Kia Rio Sedan

    Does Naza have any plans to bring this in? The Hyundai Accent sedan seems to be doing well.

  • Proton Recalls in the UK

    I’ve gathered a list of Proton recalls in the United Kingdoms according to The Automobile Association‘s website.

  • 2006 Honda Civic Modulo

    Honda Access has released the 2006 Honda Civic’s Modulo bodykit. Looks pretty hot. I can’t wait till Honda Malaysia brings in the Asean version of the Honda Civic. I heard the styling cues are going […]


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