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  • Proton Celebrity Champion’s Drive

    A special celebrity Champion’s Drive will be held at next week’s A1 Grand prix at the Sepang circuit. Malaysia’s A1 Team and Proton has organised a 10 lap race, which involves celebrities racing in Proton’s […]

  • No made in Malaysia Lotus

    In a strange change of events, Lotus and Proton technicians are dismantling Lotus equipment here for shipping back to the UK. Production for the Lotus Esprit V8, supposed to be built here has also been […]

  • Proton reviews non-core investments

    Sources say that Proton Holdings Bhd is reviewing it’s investments in MV Agusta Motor and the Lotus Group International. No decision made so far, but Proton might cut down on such investments that are non-core […]

  • BMW M6 with 5.0 liter V10

    BMW launched the M version of the 6-series in the UK – the BMW M6, powered by the same venerable 5 litre V10 engine found in the ultimate luxury sports sedan – the BMW M5. […]

  • The Autobahn

    Seeing that the post on the highway speed limit was quite hot, let’s have a look at the German Autobahn. The Autobahns are a series of highways in Germany, though there are some Autobahn-class highways […]

  • GM’s Fast Lane

    The automotive industry and the blogosphere has been fused with GM launching it’s new FastLane blog. GM says it’s FastLane blog is all about GM’s cars and trucks. GM also has another blog called the […]

  • Mini Cooper vs Ford F-150 Crash Test

    Let’s have a look at crash test results again shall we. These tests were done by the American Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the […]

  • Highway speed limit to remain at 110km/h

    Those who hoped proposal to raise the highway speed limits to 120km/h are in for a disappointment, as Minister of Works Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the government had rejected the proposal and will […]

  • Proton to re-visit Mitsubishi partnership?

    The Edge reported on Monday that Proton Holdings Bhd is exploring partnership options with other automers including Mitsubishi Motors Corp of Japan. Talks between Proton and Volkswagen AG seems to have run into difficulty. It’s […]

  • My dyno tuning experience

    I got my GReddy E-Manage installed today at N1 Racing in Sunway. I managed to get the last unit. I was actually aiming for the second hand unit but someone had bought it already. So […]


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