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  • Visionary Vehicles to bring Chery to USA

    I previously blogged about China Pirates, where Chinese automobile makers were ripping off Japanese and other automobile manufacturers blatantly. Inside China they are virtually invulnerable. They rip off without a second thought, with the worst […]

  • Google Wifi

    Google has launched a free Wi-Fi service in San Fransisco. Together with it’s Wi-Fi service, it has also launched a free VPN service so that Wi-Fi users can encrypt their over-the-air data. Since their e-mail […]

  • Proton doing well in South Africa

    Proton seems to be doing well in South Africa. According to a report by Business Day, sales of Proton vehicles exceeded the Imperial Group’s optimistic forecasts after the launch of the marque in South Africa […]

  • Hyundai rejects Toyota offer

    This may be old news but I have not blogged on it before as it happened way back in February 2005 before I shifted the focus of my blog to automobiles.

  • Daihatsu HVS Concept

    The Daihatsu Hybrid Vehicle Sports Concept is a lightweight sports car that puts emphasis on the joy of driving together with ‘environmental compatibility’. I like the term they use – environmental compatibility!

  • Daihatsu D-Compact 4X4

    The Daihatsu D-Compact 4×4 is what they call their ‘proposal’ for a new compact SUV style of look. It looks very much like the Toyota RAV4. Though that’s not a crime, they are owned by […]

  • Daihatsu Copen ZZ

    This new Daihatsu Copen ZZ concept is the sports car embodiment of Daihatsu’s compact car engineering skills. For Initial D fans, think of the Suzuki Cappucino that you saw going against Takumi.

  • MINI Traveller Concept

    This is the MINI Concept Frankfurt, a new concept version of the popular new Mini based on the old Mini Traveller launched 45 years ago in September 1960. The old Mini Traveller sold 400,000 units […]


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