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  • GM sells Subaru shares to Toyota

    General Motors is selling it’s 20% stake in Fuji Heavy Industries at significant loss at about USD$ 735 million, compared to the USD$ 1.3 billion it paid in the year 2000.

  • Nissan AZEAL Coupe Concept

    This is Nissan’s AZEAL Coupe Concept. Don’t be fooled by it’s expensive looks, it’s meant to be an affordable entry-level performance vehicle to target young buyers. Think Scion and you’ll know what they’re trying to […]

  • 2006 Volkswagen Polo GTI

    Volkswagen has unveiled details on it’s most powerful Polo model to date, the Volkswagen Polo GTI. The Volkswagen Polo GTI will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan later this month.

  • UMW Toyota 2006 offerings to be CBU

    In a report by StarBiz, UMW Toyota has indicated 2006’s new model line-up will focus mainly on CBU models instead of CKD models. Rumoured models are Toyota Vitz, Toyota Wish and Toyota Harrier.

  • Myvi break-even sooner than expected

    Perodua has revised it’s break-even timeline to 2 years and 3 months instead of the original 3 years for the Perodua Myvi’s investment of RM210 million based on overwhelming sales.

  • Nissan goes 40% CVT

    The future is CVT, at least in Nissan’s eyes. Nissan is ramping up CVT installations up to almost 40% of total vehicles sold, which are about 400,000 vehicles a year in North America alone.

  • J.D. Power Malaysia Quality Study

    This is the third J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2005 Malaysia Initial Quality Study (IQS) conducted so far. The study measures new-vehicle quality in the first two to six months of ownership.

  • One Citizen, One AP?

    I will quote a report from MalaysiaKini and let you guys comment what you need to comment. Mohd Nazri is a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, and also the MP for Padang Rengas. Mohd […]


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