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  • New Acura NSX to have SH-AWD

    The Acura NSX – This beauty’s production is to be stopped end of this year. The successor to the venerable Acura NSX has been announced and it will come with Honda’s SH-AWD all-wheel drive system.

  • The Ariel Atom

    The Ariel Atom. This my friends, is not what I’d consider a car. More like a Go-Kart. But it’s powered by a supercharged Honda K20 engine making 300 horsepower on a 456kg body. Madness? Yes. […]

  • WordPress 1.5.2 Released

    WordPress 1.5.2 is available now. It has a few bug fixes and security updates. Refer to the codex for upgrade instructions. WordPress users who have not patched their WordPress from the latest security vulnerability should […]

  • Suzuki Grand Vitara

    I just blogged about the Suzuki X2 concept a few days ago and now the Suzuki Grand Vitara is here in Malaysia! I saw the ad in Sunday Mail today.

  • Hafei Lobo 1.1

    There are rumours going around that the Hafei Lobo will be coming to Malaysia soon.

  • Mailbag: Kuli on Proton

    Lim Chee Ming writes in… Some of the points that Kuli had brought up during the video interview may be less accurate or not updated but i agree with his general point of view, that […]

  • Karamjit will not be able to defend APRC title

    I previously blogged about Karamjit Singh’s plight here. Here is a quote from that blog. Karamjit will not be participating in the current round, Round 3, which is in Rotorua, New Zealand on the 17th […]

  • Audi readies next Audi TT

    Audi’s next TT sports car will be longer, wider and will have larger interior space. The car is currently undergoing testing and target launch will be spring next year. Roadster and coupe versions will debut […]


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