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  • 2007 Volvo XC50 in development

    You have to give it to the boys at Volvo. They’ve turned the marque from making boring boxy cars to sweet Swedish beauties. I’ve always considered the XC90 to be one of the nicest looking […]

  • Airzed WiMAX Test

    I previously blogged about AirZed introducing WiMAX broadband services here in Malaysia. The only package available right now is the Business package which provides 1mbps download and 512kbps upload with 1 fixed IP. It costs […]

  • Subaru B5-TPH Concept

    Subaru’s B5-TPH concept was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show 2005. Subaru calls it a blend of the characteristics of a sports wagon, a coupe and an SUV. They could technically call it a shooting […]

  • Nissan planning Nissan 450Z

    Nissan is planning a Z sports coupe slotted above the current Nissan 350Z called the Nissan 450Z. The upgraded model will feature a 4.5 litre V8 engine which would likely be a tuned up version […]

  • NGV Protons for Export

    Malaysian NGV Sdn Bhd is in talks with Proton on equipping Proton models such as the Proton GEN2 with NGV kits for the export market. These cars would be marketed to countries where NGV is […]

  • Proton shares drop

    StarBiz reports Proton shares have dropped from RM8.35 to RM7.90, making it the second highest loser on the Bursa Malaysia yesterday. Traders was worried by the announcement that Proton was interested in buying two Volkswagen […]

  • Soaring Oil Prices Jokes

    Here are some petrol price-related jokes. Should help give you a laugh and lighten your hearts while you pay for your petrol bills with heavy hearts.

  • Updates: Credit card payment for petrol

    Looks like we consumers will not be affected much by the adjustments in the way fuel is sold with credit cards at petrol stations. Banks have agreed to reduce the charge imposed on credit card […]

  • New Proton Savvy colour on the roads

    There’s new colour option for the Proton Savvy on the road. Looking back at my blog comments, one of my readers had already seen it as far back as early September. I saw one for […]


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