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  • Oil Prices And Subsidies (An Explanation)

    I found this article on the National Economic Action Council’s website on why the oil prices have been increasing and why the government cannot continue subsidising our fuel, as well as why Petronas cannot take […]

  • China automotive trade breach

    The European Commission is threathening legal action against China for discrimination against European car companies, with their latest decision to revise tax tariffs for car parts which indirectly forces companies to source components from Chinese […]

  • Mugen Honda Civic Dominator Concept

    I’m officially in love… with this hot new concept from Mugen Power. This is their Mugen Honda Civic Dominator concept, to be shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2006. I wish I could be there, […]

  • Hartge tuned BMW M6

    Hartge is a company that tunes BMW vehicles, much like AC Schitzer. They’ve come up with a tuning package for the BMW M6 that modifies the speed limiter, a new front bumper and grille, 20-inch […]

  • Dr. M: Proton losses a mystery

    Dr. M has spoken up again on the issue of his brainchild Proton’s recent two quarterly losses in a row. “I am surprised that a company which was doing well suddenly reports losses (RM158 million […]

  • GM turning Japanese?

    Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian was the person who orchestrated Chrysler’s sale to DaimlerBenz a decade ago. Now he’s trying to do it again with troubled GM, but this time he’s trying to sell it to […]

  • 2008/2009 Infiniti GT-R

    Nissan Motor Co has decided the new R35 Skyline GT-R will be sold in the US under the Infiniti brand, as the Infiniti GT-R. Nissan executives have been battling for the Skyline to debut with […]

  • Team Proton mindset overhaul

    Proton Managing Director Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohd Tahir gave some insights on his first steps to turn around loss-making Proton when his appointment as Proton MD takes effect on January 1 2006 for a […]

  • BMW TurboSteamer

    BMW’s Group Research and Engineering division has come up with something new to squeeze out every ounce of performance from a combustion engine. Let’s have a look at BMW’s Turbosteamer.


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