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  • BMW 635d Spotted!

    The above spyshot of a yet to be released facelifted BMW 6-Series confirms a rumour that has been going around for quite sometime – BMW is going to put diesels into it’s grand tourer, the […]

  • 2007 Suzuki Swift Facelift

    Suzuki has given it’s Suzuki Swift a mid-life facelift, and has added a new variant called the Suzuki Swift Style, giving it some minor changes such as a new grille with dual chrome bars across, […]

  • Isuzu VehiCROSS

    Even though first introduced ten years ago back in 1997, the Isuzu VehiCROSS still looks space today. The Isuzu VehiCROSS was never intended to be a mass production model, produced only as a halo car. […]

  • BMW crossover small MPV to be called BMW F3

    Previously referred to as the BMW V3, it looks like BMW’s long anticipated crossover mini MPV vehicle will be called the BMW F3 instead, and the small 3-series based 5-seater gets the green light for […]

  • Volkswagen announces new 7-speed DSG gearbox

    BorgWarner and Volkswagen has developed a new DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) gearbox codenamed DQ200 which will succeed it’s current DG250 6-speed DSG gearbox from BorgWarner. One major difference relevant to the consumer would be it’s […]

  • Volkswagen’s new Golf GT Sport trim level

    Perhaps after finding out that most Golf Sport buyers have similiar profiles to the Golf GT’s and vice versa, Volkswagen decides to merge the Golf Sport and Golf GT trim levels, creating a single Golf […]

  • Skoda Fabia cake!

    Click to enlarge Skoda has created this amazing Skoda Fabia cake for it’s latest TV advertisement campaign in the UK. They’ve swapped rivets for raisins, metal for marzipan and spark plugs for sugar. The video […]


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