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  • Naza to go public

    The Naza Group, which just announced that it will complete it’s RM200 million Gurun plant expansion in March, will file for public listing this year. Naza also plans to spend RM800 million this year on […]

  • Volkswagen Malaysia launch in February

    Volkswagen AG will set up it’s distribution channels in Malaysia next month. Volkswagen Group Malaysia was incorporated on the 15th December last year, and is set for a launch in February. Volkswagen Malaysia will be […]

  • 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop Drag Race

    This is a video of an ultimate tricked out old school 1963 Volkswagen Bettle Rag Top at the 2005 Bugjam. There are a few drags of the souped up Bettle versus the new Beetle, and […]

  • 2006 Acura RDX Prototype i-VTEC Turbo SUV

    Acura (Honda’s premium marque) showcased this Acura RDX prototype at the North American International Auto Show. A 5-seater SUV with four wheel drive and a new powerful turbocharged engine. Is this Honda’s competitor to the […]

  • Mitsubishi denies joint venture plans with Proton

    Here are some more updates on Proton’s possibilities on entering a joint venture with another car manufacturer. Mitsubishi Motors Corp issued a statement debunking speculation that it might jointly set up a plant here in […]

  • 2006 Proton Waja Campro

    [UPDATE : Proton has launched the 2007 Proton Waja facelift. Click here to view!] Proton’s new Proton Waja powered by it’s S4PH Campro engine was launched yesterday. Among the enhancements over the Mitsubishi-powered Waja besides […]

  • Waja Campro vs Waja 4G18

    I’m sure many of you know about the new Proton Waja that’s going to be released soon (I heard today!) with a Campro engine instead of the Mitsubishi 4G18 that was found in the original […]

  • Proton-Volkswagen Partnership: no go!

    [ UPDATE: The talks have finally ended in a no go. Click here for latest update. ] The verdict is out. After a long series of meetings and what not since September 2004 since Proton […]


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