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  • Tengku Mahaleel Critics Government Auto Policies

    Jeff Ooi blogs Proton CEO Tengku Mahaleel’s criticisms and opinions on the national autombile industry as he was interviewed by Oriental Daily News today. An interesting read. He bashes other national car makers like Inokom […]

  • Volkswagen AG to buy Proton shares?

    Interesting. Is this Dr. M’s way of giving the rakyat a preview of what’s going to happen without officially announcing anything yet before it’s finalised? AFX News Limited Malaysia’s Proton says will not stop Volkswagen […]

  • New name for the Waja in Australia

    Proton will be relaunching the Waja in Australia with a new name and look. The new name will be Proton 160GX. It’s time for a Waja facelift anyway. Estimated date for this to happen would […]

  • WiMAX is in Malaysia!

    Months ago I received an invitation from AirZed to submit an application if my company was interested in a new broadband service which they would be offering soon. I presumed it would be a wireless […]

  • Satria Replacement Model Showroom Spyshot

    I was digging through my hard drive when I found these. These pictures have been circulating around the internet for quite some time already but I have no idea why I did not blog them. […]

  • Proton Should Merge?

    Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said that Proton should merge with another automotive maker to remain competitive especially in the overseas market. Mergers are everywhere. The Daimler-Chrysler, General Motors and Ford […]

  • AP Holders Told Not To Compete With Proton

    I wonder why the government agree that competition, even foreign competition would be healthy for it’s broadband market but not it’s automotive market. It’s clear that Proton lags far behind the international car manufacturing standards. […]

  • SOHC vs DOHC Valvetrains: A Comparison

    Plenty of people have been talking about how the Savvy only has an SOHC engine so it is inferior, and old technology. So I decided to post this entry so that people will be better […]

  • BMW enters the crossover SUV market

    BMW will be entering the crossover SUV market with their new X6, which is currently undergoing testing laps in Germany’s Nurburgring test track. The name is not finalised as X6 is just a rumour that’s […]


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