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  • Campro for Jet Boats

    Proton has a small R&D team working on how to adapt the Campro engine for marine usage in jet boats. They are currently marinising the engine and matching impeller sizes. The engines have also been […]

  • Perdana Replacement Model Photoshop

    A pretty good Photoshop showing how the Proton Perdana replacement model based on an extended Volkswagen Passat platform could look like. This artist’s impression was done by a talented guy named Theophilus. The grill follows […]

  • New people mover for Malaysia: Suzuki APV

    Suzuki Malaysia launched it’s second model, the Suzuki APV (All Purpose Vehicle) here on Thursday. The Suzuki APV is a 8-seater small rear-wheel drive MPV that runs on a 1.6 aluminium block long stroke engine […]

  • 2006 Cosworth 2.4 V8 F1 Engine

    Formula One will switch to 2.4 litre V8 engines in 2006. Cosworth has already begun dyno testing it’s V8 engine. The engine revs all the way up to 20,000rpm where the electronic rev limiter kicks […]

  • Italian and German Fusion: The RK Spyder

    A fusion of German engineering and Italian style, with a Ruf-tuned engine. You’re looking at the RK Spyder from StudioTorino. StudioTorino is a joint venture between Italian designer Alfredo Stola and German tuner Alois Ruf.

  • Gen2 R3 at DreamCarsAsia

    I wanted to go to DreamCarsAsia to get photos of the Gen2 R3 prototype but as I did not have a camera, couldn’t do anything. Autoworld has some photos here. Looks hot. 500 units of […]

  • Faux Boxer

    Today I had a short feel of what driving a boxer engine felt like. Well, in terms of sound anyway, not power. I was driving back from a mamak session. First gear, second gear, then […]

  • Camless Solenoid Valve Engines

    Welcome to the next step in engine technology. Camless engines use solenoid valves instead of the conventional camshaft, cams, gears, rocker arms combination. Solenoid valves are driven electronically allowing completely freedom of valve control. A […]

  • A Ferrari SUV?

    It’s pretty interesting what Photoshop can do in skillful idle hands. If Porsche can come up with an SUV, so can Ferrari! Will it ever come true? Very possible! Ferrari has decided to build a […]


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