• Custom Koenigsegg Agera R BLT is China-bound

    No, it has nothing to do with the popular sandwich, although it is a question of taste – specifically that of China’s prosperous community. Koenigsegg has released images of a one-off Agera R tailored specially […]


  • Naza to distribute Koenigsegg in Malaysia?

    According to Business Times, Naza is set to take up the distributorship of the Koenigsegg brand here in Malaysia and we could see the first units going on sale in February. Naza currently already holds […]


  • Koenigsegg not buying Saab: shutdown imminent?

    This is a shocking piece of news. Remember Koenigsegg that was this close in buying out Saab from General Motors that a preliminary agreement was signed in June indicating that the negotiations have entered the […]


  • Beijing Auto takes up stake in Koenigsegg

    When Koenigsegg announced that it was interested in taking over Saab from GM, other than the usual questions on whether the Swedish supercar company would have the ability and experience to turn the brand around, […]


  • GM to sell Saab to supercar maker Koenigsegg

    It appears that GM’s Saab division will go to Swedish luxury supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, if final negotiations on the subject go well. A Swedish TV station reported late last week that a Letter of Intent […]


  • Geneva 2009: Quant Concept by Koenigsegg unveiled

    Koenigsegg has arrived in Geneva with its Quant Concept vehicle which is a 4-seater solar powered electric super car. According Koenigsegg, if the Quant goes into production, it can be fully recharged in just 20 […]



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