2015 GST car prices Archive (Page 3)

  • GST: Updated Lexus prices – decrease of up to RM14k

    Next up to announce its range-wide post-GST price list is Lexus Malaysia and as a whole, it’s good news all round. From the looks of it, only the ES 300h hybrid is expected to cost […]


  • GST: UMW Toyota’s new prices – all models cheaper

    UMW Toyota has updated its prices with GST on its website. All models and variants see price reductions of between RM29 and RM5,376 (on-the-road without insurance prices listed below). The popular Vios models see very […]


  • GST: Euromobil announces revamped Audi prices

    Euromobil has announced a range-wide price update following the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) today. In line with most of the changes happening across the board from other marques, prices for all […]


  • GST: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s new prices – all models cheaper, E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid down RM10k

    Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has begun posting GST prices on its website – we’ve tabled them all for you along with the old (pre-GST) prices so you can compare. The C-Class sedan is absent from this list […]


  • GST: All Proton models now cheaper, by up to 3.25%

    Proton has announced its new car prices following the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which comes into effect today. Prices across the automaker’s model range have dropped, with a reduction of up […]


  • GST: Honda Malaysia releases new prices – all CKD models cheaper by RM500-2,500, Odyssey pricier

    Honda Malaysia has released its full GST price list – all locally-assembled (CKD) models and their variants are cheaper by between RM500 and RM2,500 except for the fully-imported (CBU) Odyssey, which sees an increase of […]


  • GST: New BMW Malaysia price list – all same as before

    Click to enlarge price list. We now have BMW Malaysia’s full GST-adjusted price list and well, if you’ve been hoping for a price reduction of some sort, you’re not in luck. Everything on the list […]


  • GST: Toyota, Lexus cars cheaper by up to RM4k or 2%

    Not everything will be more expensive with the new Goods and Services Tax (GST), certainly not cars from Toyota and Lexus. But it’s not as simple as 6% GST replacing the old 10% sales tax […]


  • GST: Renault revamps prices, decrease of up to 1.12%

    Following the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) today, Renault has announced a range-wide price update. The entire lineup will see a decrease with up to 1.12% touted. For starters, the CKD Renault […]


  • GST: New Peugeot price lists released – no changes

    Peugeot vehicles in Malaysia will carry over the same prices into the GST era, official local distributor Nasim has confirmed. These new price lists, 16 in all, match the previous on-the-road with insurance figures (before […]



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