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  • Driven Web Series 2014 #2: The one with Megan Tan – F56 MINI Cooper vs Citroen DS3 vs Volkswagen Beetle

    We’re bringing sexy back in this week’s episode of Driven Web Series, powered by the new Petronas Primax95 with Advanced Energy Formula. And we’re not just talking about the cars here, guys. As much as […]


  • Driven Web Series 2014 #1: Best of the B-segment – 2014 Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Nissan Almera

    Enough waiting, Driven Web Series is back with a new season, powered by the new Petronas Primax95 with Advanced Energy Formula! Just like last season, we’re kicking things off with everyday cars. The ever-popular Toyota […]


  • Driven Web Series – new season to premiere July 9

    Yes, the Driven Web Series is back for a brand new season in 2014, brought to you by the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula. Watch Harvinder, Hafriz and Jonathan put the latest […]


  • Driven Web Series Season 1, 2013 – The blooper reel

    No, this isn’t a new episode of Driven Web Series. The five episodes are all we have for now, but don’t fret, we’ll be back with more soon enough! What this is, is the blooper […]


  • Driven Web Series Episode 5: Company car dilemma – Toyota Camry 2.5 vs Honda Accord 2.4 vs Mazda6 2.5

    Right from the start of Driven Web Series, you viewers have requested for us to settle the D-segment dilemma. Your wish is our command, as we present to you this week’s shootout – Toyota Camry […]


  • Driven Web Series Episode 4: C-segment round-up – Honda Civic 2.0 vs Kia Cerato 2.0 vs Ford Focus 2.0

    Enjoyed Driven Web Series’ hot-hatch special last week? If you haven’t, do find out why the VW Golf GTI Mk7 still towers over the Merc A 250, BMW 125i and Volvo V40 T5 here. It […]


  • Driven Web Series Episode 3: Hot-hatch shootout – VW Golf GTI vs Merc A 250 vs BMW 125i vs Volvo V40

    Our mid-season episode is a real treat for all you petrolheads, as Driven Web Series, powered by PETRONAS Primax, sets out to settle the much-discussed affair of who makes the best hot-hatch today. Those looking […]


  • Driven Web Series Episode 2: The family SUV battle – Honda CR-V 2.0 vs Mazda CX-5 2.0 vs Ford Kuga 1.6T

    Another week, another episode of Driven, powered by PETRONAS Primax! In our comeback episode, we settled the ever-relevant RM90,000 question between the 2013 Toyota Vios, Proton Suprima S and Honda Jazz Hybrid. Missed it by […]


  • Driven Web Series Episode 1: The RM90k shootout – Toyota Vios vs Proton Suprima vs Honda Jazz Hybrid

    Driven is back, powered by PETRONAS Primax! You’ve enjoyed our local news coverage, international highlights and pored over our car reviews, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy our latest Driven Web Series. This […]


  • Driven – a new automotive web series coming Nov 19!

    While you’ve been enjoying our news over a good cup of coffee, we’ve been cooking something rather spicy in the kitchen! That’s right guys, Driven is back! As most of you would know, Driven first […]



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